Meet Our Team of Passionate Experts & Creators

Our diverse team includes musicians, movement specialists, scientists, woodworkers, and dreamers. We craft our own music, recorded at 432 Hz, blending melodies with frequencies tailored to specific conditions. Additionally, we design, build, and assemble vibrational products for a wide clientele, from individuals to medical professionals and spas.

Kathleen HadenCEO, BS, PT, MBA, Kinesiologist, Visionary, Business Navigator, Sound Therapist, Touch Expert

With over 25 years dedicated to the health & wellness industry, Kathleen Haden has owned wellness centers for more than two decades. She holds credentials as a Kinesiologist, Personal Trainer, Master Pilates Teacher, Hatha and Yin Yoga instructor, Aquatic Specialist, Sound Therapist, and Massage Therapist, backed by a BS in Kinesiology and Bio-Mechanics/Dance, along with an MBA. As a respected speaker, presenter, and teacher, Kathleen shares the latest industry insights, backed by her authorship of training manuals, books, and articles.
As an energy healer, Kathleen focuses on restoring mind, body, and spirit integration, showcasing an innovative and creative approach to client programming. Alongside her husband, John Anthony, she co-founded Good Vibrations Music Co., a successful venture creating Frequency Infused Music™ for their aquatic program. This endeavor has grown to possess one of the largest libraries of Frequency Infused Music™ for supporting and balancing life’s conditions. Through GVM, she introduces powerful vibrational tools globally, contributing to individual well-being on a profound scale.

John Anthony, Director of Music, Engineering & Manufacturing

John Anthony is the Co-Founder of Good Vibrations Music Co. and specializes in Sound and Vibrational medicine. His extensive background as a musician has informed his unique ability to infuse frequencies into original composed music to create sound and vibrational medicine in the ancient tonal scale.
As an expert cabinet-maker and designer, his trade skills directly
contribute to engineering and building vibrational products for Good Vibrations Music. With a background in Aquatic and Massage Therapy, Watsu practice, and personal training, John brings valuable insights into our clients' needs, enabling the incorporation of cutting-edge technology into our products.

Heather Lockett, Vibrational Catalyst, Certified Sound Healer

As a Vibrational Catalyst, Certified Sound Healer, Podcast Host, Intuitive Guide, and Meetup Group Leader, Heather is dedicated to creating profound experiences that inspire growth and well-being. With a diverse background and a passion for healing and transformation, she brings a unique blend of skills and expertise to the world of sound therapy and holistic wellness. Check out her podcast: Lasting Conversations Podcast. Learn more at:

Christine Festa, Yoga Expert

Christine is a 500-Hour Certified Yoga Teacher with over a decade of experience in corporate sales and marketing. She found balance by incorporating Frequency-Infused Music™ into her life, improving her sleep and relaxation. Utilizing Good Vibrations Music in her yoga classes, Christine witnesses the positive impact it has on her students. With a blend of body movement expertise and sales/marketing experience, she dedicates her energy to expanding Good Vibrations Music and our vibrational products.

Eugene Geis, Quantum Physicist & Data Scientist

Eugene, a Scientist with a Ph.D. in Quantum Physics and a recent Masters in Statistics, brings a wealth of expertise to our team. As a certified audio engineer with a background in music, meditation, and energy work, Eugene utilizes his diverse skills to engineer our vibrational equipment. His role includes ensuring optimal placement of electronic components and serving as our assistant researcher.

Elaine Biskupic, Business Navigator & Coach

Elaine, the CEO of Being Valued, excels at simplifying learning and fostering growth while adeptly addressing intricate challenges. Serving as a premier personal coach and corporate training consultant, she has successfully developed and implemented training programs for Fortune 100 companies, corporations, small businesses, school districts, and charitable organizations across all 50 United States and parts of Europe. Elaine's upbringing in an environment that prioritizes education and lifelong learning laid the groundwork for her expertise in Experiential Learning, Business, and Communications.

Meet Our Support Team

Regina Murphy, Researcher & Sound Therapist

Regina Murphy is a pioneer in creating "user-friendly" frequency-infused audio and video programs with easily accessible delivery methods. She has delved into the study of sound frequency effects since 2004, and her free YouTube programs reach audiences worldwide. Additionally, all her workbooks are available for free, contributing to the widespread accessibility of her research.

Dani Askew, Curricular Writer & Personal Coach

Dani is the Project Manager and Lead Designer for the Good Vibration Journey Thru Sound curriculum. She discovered the power of music and experiential learning through the Suzuki Method before the age of two. Her training curriculum centers on empowering clients to find their voice and create community-building programs. In her role as Managing Director of Being Valued, a corporate Training Company, Danni teaches leadership skills to individuals and groups. Having worked internationally in Italy and Chile, she now resides in a small Midwest community with her husband, creating wine and wonder for those who appreciate the beauty of Being Valued.