About Good Vibrations Music, Co.

Good Vibrations Music Co., Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit specializing in Frequency Infused Music® (FIM) and vibrational therapy. Our diverse team includes musicians, movement specialists, scientists, woodworkers, and dreamers. We craft our own music, recorded at 432 Hz, blending melodies with frequencies tailored to specific conditions. Additionally, we design, build, and assemble vibrational products for a wide clientele, from individuals to medical professionals and spas.

As a company with a heart, we contribute to various charities, such as donating over 800 downloads to the Alzheimer's Association and 600 downloads to the autistic community in 2023. Now, our focus is on supporting veterans with a download for PTSD and providing our latest album, "Safe & Sound for Love & Protection," for those dealing with trauma and abuse. Our mission extends to giving away our music to those in need, aiming to contribute positively to the world. Everything we create is infused with love and intention, designed to resonate with you on a cellular level.

About Frequency Healing with Good Vibrations

Our Journey to Finding Frequency and Vibrational Therapy

Our journey into Frequency Infused Music™ (FIM) began with a personal exploration of the transformative effects of frequencies and vibration, specifically through vibro-acoustics, for our own health and well-being. This exploration has since evolved into a mission to assist others on their paths to health and healing through our non-profit initiative, Good Vibrations Music Company.

In 2008, after over 25 years of owning wellness centers, my husband John and I ventured into developing Aqua Motion Company™ in Colorado. During this time, we collaborated with Dr. Lyn Cannon, who introduced us to the world of frequencies and tonal scales through biofeedback technology from Germany. This marked our initial exposure to the potential of frequencies for emotional detoxification and overall well-being.

Our venture continued when we encountered sound therapist Regina Murphy during the filming of "Keeper of the Keys." Regina suggested integrating frequencies into water therapy, providing us with our first underwater speakers. Exploring water therapy with frequencies revealed its remarkable capacity for emotional healing.

A pivotal moment occurred when John suffered a severe electrical burn on his hand during a construction job. Surprisingly, after attaching a metal frequency speaker to his bandaged hand overnight, his hand remarkably healed by the next morning. This experience ignited our quest for a frequency generator, leading us to delve into ancient tones, the Chakra series, and comprehensive research. Integrating these findings, we began creating music for our water therapy program, witnessing transformative healing experiences for our clients.

I, too, experienced the healing power of frequencies in 2014 when faced with debilitating kidney stones. Choosing to use our frequency speakers at home instead of undergoing surgery, I passed the broken-up stones within days and even ran a half-marathon a week later.

Our personal stories, combined with countless health-supportive anecdotes from friends, colleagues, and a decade of research and development in sound therapy and vibro-acoustics, solidify our belief in the ancient therapy's potency for optimal wellness.

John, a lifelong musician, now dedicates much of his time composing our Frequency Infused Music™ to support the body's natural healing processes. Simultaneously, I am committed to spreading awareness about the power of vibro-acoustics, advocating for its potential in addressing various conditions, from addiction and ADHD to Leukemia and Parkinson's. Together, we strive to contribute to a new health paradigm that embraces vibrational medicine as a prominent alternative method for enhanced health and wellness.

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