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We are a non-profit organization based in Southeast Florida with a global outreach. Our commitment to being a non-profit enables us to freely distribute our music, tables, and speakers to those in need. Established in the fall of 2016, Good Vibrations Music Co. has made a positive impact in various settings, and our reputation for using music to assist others is well-established. For instance, we recently contributed 850 albums for an Alzheimer's fundraiser luncheon, showcasing our dedication to philanthropy. We take pride in our educational initiatives, skilled staff, and the collaborative efforts of our affiliates and team members. One of our significant achievements is in the music industry, where our financial model relies on generous donations to sustain our operations. This unique approach allows us to continue our mission of providing support and music resources to those who can benefit from them.

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Your purchases on our site allow us to expand our outreach. For every three speakers we sell, we donate one to an organization who could benefit from them. For every Frequency Infused Music album downloaded, we give one away.

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When You Give, We Give Back

Your donations enable us to provide therapeutic music and vibroacoustic products to spas, country clubs, offices, medical centers, autism schools, and businesses in need. Join us in fostering well-being and accessibility through the power of sound. (Every donation will provide an emailed receipt with our detailed tax information for your records.)

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