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What is Vibrational healing and How can it Benefit me?

Nikola Tesla is quoted as saying, “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” We at Good Vibrations Music Company value the power of sound and vibration so much we’ve dedicated the last 10 years our lives to establishing a new health paradigm that embraces vibrational medicine. That’s why we’d like to share some terminology, some background about sound therapy and how sound therapy can work as a tool to help support our health and healing.

Learning about sound therapy is a bit like learning a new language. As you make discoveries in the discipline you’re likely to come across terms such as frequency, hertz and vibro-acoustics. For those who are new to sound therapy, we’d like to provide a brief overview.

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Our Music…

Vibrational healing also known as VHMT or massage therapy is used to reduce stress and improve the sense of well being by using vibration. Vibrational healing is based on the belief that every thing including human body is made of vibrations.

We compose our own music and most of it is recorded in the ancient tonal scale of 432 Hz. Each album is a beautiful blend of melodies & sounds infused with frequencies that address a specific condition.

Our techniques are science-based & focus on the power of vibration & frequencies; allowing for an intensified shift & re-harmonizing of the mind, body & spirit. We have music for physical, emotional & spiritual conditions. We have collections for deep sleep, yoga & meditation, & much more.

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Our Vibro-Acoustic Products…

Every sound is vibration, and we specialize in turning up that vibration. We have a variety of vibro-acoustic product designed to deliver the ultimate relaxation experience using the latest in vibrational technology. Not only can you hear our Frequency Infused Music™, but you can feel it too. Vibroacoustic therapy induces relaxation, which allows the body and mind to heal.

Our product line includes vibro-acoustic products for the massage, yoga, & wellness industries & beyond.

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