Inspiring healing through therapeutic sound, restorative movement, and soothing warm waters.

Aqua Motion™ takes bodywork off the table and into the water with frequency infused music.

Envision yourself calmly floating in a warm pool surrounded by relaxing music that soothes your muscles and mind. This discovery is unlike anything you have experienced before. This is Aqua Motion.

Aqua Motion™ is a program that embraces three elements of healing, combining therapeutic sound, restorative movement, and soothing waters. It is the perfect medicine for over-stressed, injured muscles and those looking for something new and different to add to their wellness routine.

Broken into two parts that can stand on their own, Aqua Motion™ can be
incorporated into health and wellness regimens in many ways. From the tranquility
of your residential hot tub or pool or as a therapeutic tool used by practitioners in spas, hotels, clinics and more.

The first part is an active release stretch program where the client actively participates in this very beneficial component. Foot to head active release stretching in warm water identifies and releases impingements, calcifications, scar tissue, old, and new injuries, arthritic or sore muscles.

The second part is a flotation based therapeutic program incorporating sound therapy. This part of the therapy adds the relaxation and massage component to your Aqua Motion™ experience.

Remember, we are 70% water. Healing begins with us recognizing the essence of a human being is water.

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  • Therapeutic Sound

    Using the newest technologies in Vibro Accoustics, our musicians work in harmony with researchers in this field to compose Frequency Infused Music® that restores vitality to our physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies. This music is played by our patented technology with underwater speakers.

  • Soothing Waters

    Aqua Motion™ capitalizes on the element most needed by the human body: water. We are made up of 70% water. Our bodies rehabilitate
    while emersed in soothing warm waters. This promotes deep relaxation, freeing joints and muscles from the constrictive effects of gravity. The supportive water relieves weight off rigid vertebrae and allows for movements impossible
    on land.

  • Restorative Movement

    While in the water, clients are moved through gentle
    stretching, rotations, and release techniques guided by a certified therapist. When the whole body engages in continuous movement, each position flows into
    the next, relaxation is facilitated, and new movement patterns encourage formerly neglected connective tissue to become more flexible.