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We compose our own music and most of it is recorded in the ancient tonal scale of 432 Hz. Each album is a beautiful blend of melodies & sounds infused with frequencies that address a specific condition.

 Our techniques are science-based & focus on the power of vibration & frequencies; allowing for an intensified shift & re-harmonizing of the mind, body & spirit. We have music for physical, emotional & spiritual conditions. We have collections for deep sleep, yoga & meditation, & much more.

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Our Vibro-Acoustic Products…

Every sound is vibration, and we specialize in turning up that vibration. We have a variety of vibro-acoustic product designed to deliver the ultimate relaxation experience using the latest in vibrational technology. Not only can you hear our Frequency Infused Music™, but you can feel it too. Vibroacoustic therapy induces relaxation, which allows the body and mind to heal.

Our product line includes vibro-acoustic products for the massage, yoga, & wellness industries & beyond.

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