Experience Touchless Sound Therapy

The wave of the future is to have services people can experience without a professional therapist, but have amazing results.

The Sonic Emersion Table is one of our Touchless Therapies. The table’s aim is to soothe the body and mind, bringing Harmony & Balance back to the body.

Experience a Full Emersion experience of designed Frequency Infused Music® to reduce stress, focus better, reduce anxiety, cell rejuvenation, improve the immune system and so much more.

Our other Touchless Therapy is our powerful Bluetooth Vibrational Speakers. These speakers can be used in your home, office, spa, clinic, hospital, nursing homes and so many other places. The speaker can be used as a healing tool and as a massage tool. The power of this speaker is like no other.

Our music is Science based and effective. We work with some of the Top researchers in the world and have been touching lives all over the globe.
Reach out to us, Explore our products, try the music and see what happens……..
Touchless programs embrace innovation in healing changing our medical paradigm to accept Vibrational Medicine as a prominent alternative method for improved health and wellness