“Alopecia areata occurs when the immune system attacks hair follicles.

Picture on the left was a year ago, picture on the right was a couple months ago. Janelíe was being treated by a dermatologist who had her on prednisone seven days every month. In the beginning I followed doctors orders, but being the parent that I am I took my daughters health into my own hands. I stopped her prednisone treatment (it just did not feel right) but realized that her hair started to grow in more. I asked myself “What’s going on? Her hair is growing back but I stopped the prednisone??” So here it is. Every night my daughter would go to sleeps with spa music on from my phone. I purchased a speaker with Frequency Infused Music from @goodvibrationsmusicco . She liked it better and wanted to sleep with the speaker every night. A year after, Janelíe has grown 80% of the hair she had lost… and with NO Prednisone !! Her eyebrows which she had absolutely no hair in have grown back! Although Janelíe always has a smile on her face, her smile on the right side (after a year of using the speaker) is a lot bigger than the smile on the left 😁❤️. Music Therapy works.”

“At its worst, my Lyme disease, has robbed me of a vibrant, joyful enthusiastic life. It has left me unable to function mentally, emotionally and physically. It has left me feeling hopeless for my future. Lyme has robbed me of sleep, caused severe pain like a hot poker in my back, and severe brain fog so bad at times I frequently couldn’t remember what I was going to say or do. Lyme has flipped me from my joyful, optimistic bubbly self into someone who is angry, bitter and short tempered. Lyme blazed a trail for all other sorts of conditions that my body never experienced before.

All this being said, studies prove that 37% of Lyme patients who were treated with antibiotics experienced no change in their symptoms. I was looking for an alternative approach. I met Kathleen at Good Vibrations Music Company and was so impressed with her and the frequency-infused music, I wanted to try it for myself. It is helping me with so many of my symptoms and over time, listening daily in the background, the improvements continue to add up and even my dogs random limp is gone, and my nearly dead plant is thriving! You deserve to be well, you deserve Good Vibrations™ Music!”

Brenda O'Brien

“I recently attended a yoga class and my instructor, Christine, played the Frequency Infused Musicâ„¢ from Good Vibrations Music Company for us. I left feeling so relaxed and ready to tackle the day! My co-workers all commented on how good and refreshed I looked yesterday, which was a compliment as they have all witness my struggle with my chronic health issues. I plan on purchasing an album to add to my collection of the great music from Good Vibrations Music Company.”

Sue Ginger