Our First Class at Rancho La Puerta

A year after our first invitation to Rancho La Puerta – well known for being a pioneer in the field of holistic healing – we made our first visit. Located in Tecate, Mexico this amazing facility hosts over 100 wellness-themed classes each week. Our friend and pilates program director Cathleen Murakami had extended our invitation and we are so grateful. So, in November 2018 we were on their course schedule, offering sound therapy each day during our 7-day visit. This set the stage for us to explore the sacred grounds, meet some amazing people, all of which were experiences that planted the seed of possibility for us to return again in 2019. Located in Baja California, just an hour from San Diego, Tecate was recently dubbed “Pueblo Magico” or a magical village and it’s no surprise to us! Each guest stays in their own casita. The food is all farm-to-table, [...]