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Good Vibrations Music Co., Inc. is a 501(c) 3 Non-profit Frequency Infused Music® (FIM) and vibrational therapy company that designs, creates and markets FIM and vibrational products that promote health and wellness for use by a broad spectrum of clientele, including individuals, medical professionals, dentists, spas, hotels and mind/body studios addressing a myriad of physical, emotional and spiritual conditions and associated issues.

We are a team of musicians, movement specialists, scientists, woodworkers & dreamers. We compose all of our own music, most of which is recorded in the ancient tonal scale of 432 Hz. Each album is a beautiful blend of melodies and sounds infused with frequencies that address a specific condition. We also design, build, and assemble our vibrational products. We give back as a company to different charities that we support. Last year we gave downloads to the Alzheimer’s Association, Autistic community, and this year we are donating to the Veterans a download for PTSD and giving our latest album called Safe & Sound for Love & Protection for anyone who has or is suffering from Trauma and Abuse. We give away our music to those in need and to help change the world we live in.

All of it is made with love and intention to touch you on a cellular level.

Joining our Sound Tribe includes receiving our BST 100 Vibrational Speaker with our Top 12 Frequency Infused® albums and we provide all marketing photos and logos that can be used when posting anything or sending out emails. We also have a large research base that is free to use.

We have protocols for using Sound Therapy with special populations such as Autism, PTSD, Anxiety, Grief, Sleep & more. Joining our Tribe gives you the latest information on How to use Sound to heal yourself and others. You will be listed as a tribal member and be part of a large community.
You will receive a 20% perk for any sale through your special link to give out. Plus another 10% you can give to your tribe that buys from you…… Investment in our Tribe $333
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