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Yoga Acoustics™ is a beautifully-crafted wooden board that vibrates as our Frequency Infused Music™ plays through a sound system located underneath. It delivers an unparalleled yoga experience that relaxes the nervous system, softens soft tissues & restores both body & mind. Each board has a control panel on the side so that you can choose how much vibration you prefer and when. It also comes with a bluetooth speaker that is loaded with 12 frequency-infused compositions by Good Vibrations Music Co. This collection of music has been specially chosen to compliment your yoga practice. It includes chakra chants, ancient tones, frequencies for meditation, and much more.


Yoga Acoustics™ is perfect for private use or group classes. Multiple platforms can be connected for a group experience. All platforms vibrate at the same time as the music plays from a central speaker, but each student will have full control over the level of vibration.

Yoga Acoustics™ is made from all-natural, formaldehyde-free wood and is slightly bigger than a yoga mat. There are rubber pegs on the bottom to protect your floor and keep the board in place while you move. The platform conveniently folds in half to store or bring on the road.

Dimensions: 30″ x 71″ x 3.125″ (folded: 30″ x 36″ x 5.75″)

Weight: 36 lbs.

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    hello. i am from poland. i uwielbiam was!

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      We would love to talk to you about your interest in our Yoga Acoustics platform…..Give a call at 561-318-1578 or email us at [email protected]

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