Deluxe Vibrational Speaker with Music Collection


This deluxe Bluetooth Vibrational Speaker comes pre-loaded with a collection of music of your choice. The collection includes hours of  beautiful Frequency Infused music compositions with binaural beats. Most of the albums are recorded in the ancient tonal scale of 432 hz, all are composed by renowned new age artist John Anthony.

Choose from the following collections: Top 12, Ancient Tones, Deep Sleep, Stress Relief, Spa, Yoga,  Wellness, Chakra Series, Massage, Hotel and Addiction/Recovery

Speaker includes:

  • Built-in micro SD card with Frequency Infused Music Collection
  • Built-in lithium battery for 5-8 hours cordless use
  • Headphone input
  • 30-foot Bluetooth wireless range
  • Includes USB charging cable and wall charger
  • Stream via bluetooth from mobile device or computer

**Shipping included in price.**

Contact us for wholesale pricing at 561-318-1578.


Frequency-infused music can be relaxing or energizing. They can go to work on your condition right away and make you feel fantastic. Drink plenty of water and never play while driving. If the frequencies make you feel uneasy, lower the volume or take a break.

These albums are not intended to take the place of medical advice, nor do we treat, diagnose, or cure any conditions.


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