Sonic Emmersion Table


The VFT Sound Table (Vibrational Frequency Technology) is the next revolution in Massage Therapy and Self Care. Imagine lying on a massage table that surrounds you with vibration and sounds via our Frequency-Infused Music™. Can be used alone for healing, put on your eye pillow and headphones and go on a 30-60 minute journey for stress reduction, relaxation, or a specific condition.

The VFT Sound Table can be used in spas, corporate environments, wellness centers, medical offices, massage centers and beyond. Each one is assembled in the USA.


The Sonic Emmersion Table induces deep relaxation, releases muscle tension, takes away aches and pains and delivers an overall sense of peace and tranquility. It can be used alone as a sound healing experience or with a massage therapist for a totally new kind of massage experience.

Imagine laying on this table while our Frequency Infused Music™ plays through a set of headphones and the binaural beats vibrate the table; delivering the ultimate stress-reducing experience. Vibration alone is the ultimate relaxation tool, but combined with the frequencies in our soothing music, it can change your brain waves, your body, and you life.

The Sonic Emmersion Table comes assembled with low EMF’s equipment using the smallest footprint for our earth

Each table comes with all equipment including a vibrational speaker containing a collection of Frequency Infused Music albums of your choice.

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Weight 33 lbs

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