Nervous Pet


This download contains frequencies to help your furry friend feel less nervous. The music will keep your furbaby relaxed while the frequencies go to work on their nerves and anxiety. Play it when you are away to comfort them, or whenever your pet needs it most!  Our cat friends like to be able to wander around while music is on.




Frequency-infused music for pets can be relaxing or energizing, depending on what your pet needs. It can go to work on your pet’s condition right away and change his/her behavior, energy level, and/or attitude. Remember, our furry friends have hearing that is more sensitive than ours, so please play the music on a lower volume. Feel free to play it on repeat during the day while you are at home, at night while they sleep, or whenever they need it most! Never play while driving.

This music  is not intended to take the place of veterinary advice, nor do we treat, diagnose, or cure any conditions.


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