Meeting of The (Sound) Minds

It’s mid-October 2018 and there’s a sound therapy meeting in Las Vegas. This gathering is a meeting of the minds, years in the making and it includes our collaborator and sound therapist Regina Murphy, as well as Joe and Judye Reilly of Tune-Up Network Enterprises, Dr. Bambi Nickelberry, Composer Richard Plunkett and Thomas Dawson of The Commodores.

What we thought would be a lesson for us actually became an invitation. As Regina handed me the theoretical microphone and asked me to speak, I was able to share about our 10-year evolution of Good Vibrations Music Company. It was amazing to recount the stories and lessons learned, testimonials with our Frequency Infused Music™ and much more with this team of well-respected professionals. We have known this team for years but don’t get to see each other frequently due to the fact that we are spread across the country from Pennsylvania to Nevada, Florida to Colorado and California.

In the spirit of Helen Keller’s famous quote, “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much,” we came together to look forward into this ever-expanding movement called sound therapy. We shared our own individual projects and built dreams of what can be created in partnership. We also spent some time catching up on our collaborative projects thus far, the most impactful and rewarding of which was our visit from James.

Teamwork Sounds Good

A few years ago, my husband John and Thomas Dawson became aware of James’ story. They heard about how this then 7-year old was battling Glioblastomas, a type of brain cancer, and was going through some heavy-duty radiation.

Together they were bound and determined to share with him the gift of music. Thomas recorded music and John added frequencies and they gave it to James to use during his healing time. Now 10 years old, he’s happy to report that he “kicked cancer’s butt,” as he likes to say.

As sound therapists we believe in the power that sound and frequencies have to support our health. There is no doubt in our minds that our Frequency Infused Music™ can play a special role in decreasing stress and supporting the immune system, both key factors in health and healing.

You’ll soon be able to check out James’ full and fascinating story is featured in the documentary James’ Journey.

So, throughout this amazing October visit, ideas for future collaborations abound! We each keep driving our efforts forward to help raise awareness about sound as a key support system for improved health and wellness. And we are excited to announce that we will be developing our new sound therapy certification course with a projected unveiling in 2019.

Get Certified in Sound

We are grateful to know such professionals who are also excited about being a part of this training certification course as it rolls out. If you’re interested in becoming certified or just knowing more about it, please reach out to us at [email protected] and get on our mailing list to be updated first.

We look forward to growing the sound therapy movement and sharing our Frequency Infused Music™ to certified professionals in the future because as we like to say if you Change Your Music, you can Change Your Health.