A year after our first invitation to Rancho La Puerta – well known for being a pioneer in the field of holistic healing – we made our first visit.

Located in Tecate, Mexico this amazing facility hosts over 100 wellness-themed classes each week. Our friend and pilates program director Cathleen Murakami had extended our invitation and we are so grateful. So, in November 2018 we were on their course schedule, offering sound therapy each day during our 7-day visit. This set the stage for us to explore the sacred grounds, meet some amazing people, all of which were experiences that planted the seed of possibility for us to return again in 2019.

Located in Baja California, just an hour from San Diego, Tecate was recently dubbed “Pueblo Magico” or a magical village and it’s no surprise to us! Each guest stays in their own casita. The food is all farm-to-table, grown biodynamically on site. Rancho has a deep history which started in 1940 yet today has state-of-the-art features. We enjoyed hikes to mountain tops, Native American ceremonies at the medicine wheel, we walked labyrinths and felt very fortunate to meet one of the owners and share our music with her. All a very grounding experience and it’s no surprise that Rancho boasts a 65% return rate of their guests. In fact, while visiting we met people who had been there for their 30th visit!

Because we were on the program schedule as teachers ourselves, before we started offering our sound therapy class we wanted to enjoy some of the programs offered. Our first day we met Jeff who taught WaterDance. We were able to book two private sessions for myself and John. All I can say is that, it was the most amazing experience! They say to “think of WaterDance as a graduate course in WATSU” (Water Shiatsu).” The instructor helps you move like a dolphin both above and below the water with massage and stretching that melts away tension, pain and stress.

I certainly had a release during my session! You see, at the age of 10 I had a near-death drowning experience which I thought I had processed through. In my life I have been a water therapist myself, on a swim team, and a swim teacher. But traumas we experience in life can be deeply rooted and get stored inside the muscles and cells. I believe doing WaterDance with Jeff has finally permanently released this trauma from my body! For this, I am so grateful.

Our sound healing meditation sessions drew some 40-65 participants from the ranch each day. We were honored to share our Frequency Infused Music™ to grateful ears. As we heard feedback that all who joined us “absolutely loved it!” And based on what we saw that feedback was true.

After experiencing some of the amazing programs and teaching our class, we also had the pleasure of meeting some of the other teachers and instructors. One of which was Jill Nussinow, aka The Veggie Queen™. Jill is an amazing Vegan Chef who wrote four cookbooks and teaches at Rancho regularly. And we never dreamed we’d travel all the way to Mexico to meet a fellow Floridian from neighboring Hobe Sound, Leslie McGuirk. Leslie is an author, astrologer, speaker and artist and has been teaching at the ranch for 18 years. During the garden dinner, Leslie helped all of us determine which element (i.e. wood, fire, water, air, etc.) we might be lacking and directed us on how to help boost that missing element with food. Amazing!

The whole journey – the place, people and experience was second-to-none and certainly sparked our creativity and excitement to return. We look forward to our next visit and course offering at Rancho La Puerta. If you’re interested in joining us, be sure to join our mailing list by getting our gift of a FREE download of music on our site so you are added to our mailing list. This way, you’ll be first to know when our dates are booked.