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The Sound Team Meets Las Vegas

Meeting of The (Sound) Minds It's mid-October 2018 and there’s a sound therapy meeting in Las Vegas. This gathering is a meeting of the minds, years in the making and it includes our collaborator and sound therapist Regina Murphy, as well as Joe and Judye Reilly of Tune-Up Network Enterprises, Dr. Bambi Nickelberry, Composer Richard Plunkett and Thomas Dawson of The Commodores. What we thought would be a lesson for us actually became an invitation. As Regina handed me the theoretical microphone and asked me to speak, I was able to share about our 10-year evolution of Good Vibrations Music Company. It was amazing to recount the stories and lessons learned, testimonials with our Frequency Infused Music™ and much more with this team of well-respected professionals. We have known this team for years but don’t get to see each other frequently due to the fact that we are spread across [...]

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What is Sound Therapy and How can it Benefit me?

Nikola Tesla is quoted as saying, “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” We at Good Vibrations Music Company value the power of sound and vibration so much we’ve dedicated the last 10 years our lives to establishing a new health paradigm that embraces vibrational medicine. That’s why we’d like to share some terminology, some background about sound therapy and how sound therapy can work as a tool to help support our health and healing. Terms… Learning about sound therapy is a bit like learning a new language. As you make discoveries in the discipline you’re likely to come across terms such as frequency, hertz and vibro-acoustics. For those who are new to sound therapy, we’d like to provide a brief overview. A frequency is the sound itself. To produce a sound, an object needs to vibrate. Think of the [...]

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Finding Frequency and Vibrational Therapy

When we meet people they often ask how we got involved in Frequency Infused Music™ (FIM). This is our story. We found ourselves using the power of frequencies and vibration (vibro-acoustics) to enhance and support our own health. And it has expanded to help so many others in search of health and healing through our non-profit, Good Vibrations Music Company. In 2008, after a 25+ year career owning Wellness centers, my husband John and I went on to develop Aqua Motion Company™ while living in Colorado. We began to work with Dr. Lyn Cannon in our wellness center there. Dr. Canon was using biofeedback with technology from Germany for emotional detoxification. John volunteered to be her test subject and began working with her which became our introduction to frequencies, tonal scales and much more. Shortly thereafter we met a group of people doing a film called the Keeper of the Keys, in [...]

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