Good Vibrations Music Co., Inc. is a 501(c) 3 Non-profit Frequency Infused Music® (FIM) and vibrational therapy company that designs, creates and markets FIM and vibrational products that promote health and wellness  for use by a broad spectrum of clientele, including individuals, medical professionals, dentists, spas, hotels and mind/body studios addressing a myriad of physical, emotional and spiritual conditions and associated issues.

We are a team of musicians, movement specialists, scientists, woodworkers & dreamers. We compose all of our own music, most of which is recorded in the ancient tonal scale of 432 Hz. Each album is a beautiful blend of melodies and sounds infused with frequencies that address a specific condition. We also design, build, and assemble our vibrational products. We give back as a company to different charities that we support. Last year we gave 800 downloads to the Alzheimer’s Association, 600 downloads to the Autistic community, and this year we are donating to the Veterans a download for PTSD and giving our latest album called Safe & Sound for Love & Protection for anyone who has or is suffering from Trauma and Abuse. We give away our music to those in need and to help change the world we live in.

All of it is made with love and intention to touch you on a cellular level. 

Kathleen Haden, CEO, BS, PT, MBA, Kinesiologist, Visionary, Business Navigator, Sound Therapist, Touch Expert

Kathleen Haden is a well known Touch & Movement expert featured in the movie “Keeper of the Keys” alongside Jack Canfield, John Grey and many others. Kathleen knowledge of Health & Wellness has always kept here in the forefront of the latest trends from Pilates, Massage, Water & Sound Therapy. Let Kathleen help you navigate your dreams, business goals, and guide you on your journey. Kathleen is a well known speaker, presenter,and teacher bringing the latest information on what she speaks about. She has written training manuals, books, articles. She inspires her audience with her knowledge and ability to engage her crowd. Kathleen has been using FIM and vibrational products with her clients for many years and has seen the benefits first-hand. Her most exciting venture yet is introducing these amazing tools to the rest of the world via GVM.

John Anthony | Director of Music, Engineering & Manufacturing

John Anthony is Co-Founder of Good Vibrations™ specializes in Sound Therapy. His extensive background as a musician has taught him how to infuse frequencies into his music.  He is also an expert cabinet-maker and designer by trade, which directly apply to the vibrational products that he engineers and builds for GVM. His background as an aquatic and massage therapist, Watsu practioner and personal trainer, give him special insight into the clients that purchase and use our products; allowing him to incorporate the most cutting-edge technology into our products.

Christine Festa | Yoga Expert

Christine is a 500 Hour Certified Yoga Teacher and has spent over a decade working in corporate sales and marketing. Adding Frequency-Infused Music™ to her life has helped her sleep, relax, and become more balanced. She also uses our music in all of her yoga classes, and she has seen first-hand the difference it’s made in her students. Her body movement knowledge combined with her sales and marketing experience allows her to pour her energy into growing GVM and our vibrational products.

Eugene Geis | Quantum Physicist & Data Scientist

Eugene has spent his entire career as a Scientist. He began with a PhD in Quantum Physics, and more recently has obtained a Masters in Statistics. He is also a certified audio engineer with an extensive background in music, meditation, and energy work. Eugene uses his diverse background to help engineer our vibrational equipment; ensuring optimal placement of electronic components. He is also our assistant researcher.

Kai Cole | Brand Strategist & Digital Content Architect

Kai enables people to share their authentic magical story with the world, accessing realms of infinite possibility and bridging it with conscious reality.
Kai has been a leader in marketing, PR and strategic partnerships for over 11 years. She has garnered acclaim in numerous prestigious positions from Director of Marketing & Business Development for a thriving NYC based Architecture firm to Chief Digital Content Manager of a prominent Publicity Agency in NYC where she worked to elevate the standards of excellence for numerous celebrities, music artists, foundations and global brands.

Today, Kai continues her spirited efforts as an entrepreneur offering unparalleled services in PR, Marketing and Brand Expansion. She also uplifts and empowers fellow light-workers through lively group discussions on her popular live weekly radio show, Our Daily Magic. Her hobbies include bodybuilding, tarot/divination, conscious expansion, creative expression and traveling the world.

Elaine Biskupic | Business Navigator & Coach

Elaine is the CEO of Being Valued. She makes it easy to learn and grow while solving complex issues.  Elaine is a top personal coach and corporate training consultant who has created and delivered training programs for Fortune 100 companies, corporations, small business, school districts and charitable organizations in all 50 United States and parts of Europe.Elaine grew up in an atmosphere that values education and life-long learning. She developed a strong foundation in Experiential Learning, Business, and Communications.

Support Team

Dr. Suzanne Jonas | Head of Research

Dr Jonas has a B.S. in Music Education from the University of Connecticut and an Ed.D. in Counseling Psychology and Creative Therapies from the University of Massachusetts. She has been practicing music medicine, sound therapy and energy medicine for over 25 years in hospitals and private practice. Some of the modalities she uses with clients are:
• Voice Spectral Analysis and the EVOX
• Vibro Acoustics and Sound Therapy
• Guided Imagery and Music
• Behavioral Medicine
• Emotional Freedom Technique [EFT] • HeartMath Biofeedback
• Spiritual Counseling

Regina Murphy | Researcher & Sound Therapist

Regina Murphy is an innovator of “user friendly” frequency infused audio and video programs and delivery methods. She has researched sound frequency effects since 2004 and her free YouTube programs are played throughout the world. All of her workbooks are available free as well.

Petro Bass | Percussionist

Petro Bass is a dynamic percussionist, songwriter, performer and above all, a seeker of sounds and beats that inspire and transcend conventional styles. His playing is unmatched in his soulful percussion rhythms, emerging from various incarnations of world music. Petro’s approach to a “NU-World Blend”, takes you on a journey of organic mixtures of various cultural and musical influences that cross global boundaries.